Tuesday 29 September 2015

Mystery Resin Pack Goodness!

Each month you will get sent out to you a fab collection of resin goodness in the specified challenge colour that is set by White.. with 1 scrap Challenge Blog!

The cost??   $5 inc postage - anywhere in Australia! ..
This is a sample of what the moulds are for the next kit October 2015!  ..you dont get the moulds, you get the finished product that comes out of them!

If you are interested in getting a set of this goodness for yourself. Just send me a message or find me on facebook!


Monday 6 July 2015

A Name Change!

cycloneboonty_pl_goodies is now known as The Resin Rainbow!
I am the home of handpoured resin pieces and unique embellishments for all your papercraft needs!

Friday 19 June 2015

Behind the scenes fun!

Plenty going on behind the scenes here at CBPLG..
Lots of new resin moulds are being tested by myself and a few other crafty girls and some rather fun big orders have just been sent across the country to their new homes!

Here is a sample of what has some in this past week! My apologies for the bad quality of the images, my photographer is away with real-paying work!
The funky borders set is $2.50.
Puppy Paws is $2.50 per set
Picket Fence is $3 each.

Cabachons is $2 per set of 3

Vintage Roses are $2 for a set of 3
Filigree Lace is $3 per piece. It is handpoured and extremeley delicate and hard to get perfect!It measures approx 5inches x 3inches in height.

Bubble Borders are $2.50 for a set of 3

Musical Notes are $2 for the set of 3

Delicate Lace Hearts is $3 per piece. It measures approx 5inches x 3inches in height.    
Most of these resin pieces are soo new that I havent listed them in my store as yet! 
All items can be custom ordered via my ebay store or if you prefer send me an email to chat :)